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Kids Treasure Hunt games

Online games are becoming increasingly popular, with many to choose from. Smartphone games are a particular area of growth due to the growing use of the devices.

With many of the better games costing money to play, children often can’t afford to take part. There are some great free games though, that are either totally free or can be played free, usually with a few limitations.

The age old game of I Spy has joined the pantheon of traditional games that have been adapted to play online. Now you can hunt for ten items in a list and photograph them instead of crossing them off in an I spy book.

With the online game you can set up your own collections to hunt for so there are not limitations to the game, only your imagination.

Once you have chosen or created a mission for your friends to play, just hunt for the ten items in the list, photograph each of them and upload them onto the online scoreboard. You can upload straight from the iPhone and Android Apps, or using a camera memory card and a PC.

This game is perfect for scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, holidays, bored children, schools, days out, treasure hunt events, parties, stag and hen do activities and much more.

Choose from playing one of the many ‘Public’ missions or create your own missions to play against your friends.

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Treasure hunts are a great way to entertain children on trips, days out, during school holidays, while away, at home or anywhere. Make your own personalised treasure hunts for you and your friends to complete.

A treasure hunt is a list of ten items that have to be found. Set different points for easier or harder items. The more items you find on each mission, the more points you win and these points convert into coins so you can buy extra missions without having to spend money.

There are already hundreds of different missions (collections of 10 items) for you to choose from, or start your own. Viespy is growing fast with thousands of new users every week. Join the I Spy revolution and start playing today.

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